Higher Education

A Rock-Solid Foundation for Operational Success in Education

educaticonThe Education industry is leveraging networking technologies more and more. Whether you are a school district, a public or private university, a chain of early learning centers, or another type of educational enterprise, having a robust network infrastructure to support your communications and operational requirements is vital, and one that can scale to handle future traffic and growth.

Many systems are networked and rely on a solid infrastructure for reliable operation … things like digital displays (e.g. for campus-wide announcements), video security systems, high-speed wireless access for students and staff, self-service kiosks, mobility (e.g. networked tablet support), as well as your typical communications systems (e.g. voice and data). Many of these technological aspects of your educational experience can differentiate you from the competition.

In addition, some educational institutions may have outdated cabling infrastructures, and these can limit their ability to expand or even function efficiently day-to-day. So if you are experiencing sluggish systems, underperforming networks, or outdated cabling infrastructures, we can definitely help.

For 31 years, Datatrend has provided structured cabling and network infrastructure services for a wide variety of customers, including educational institutions and school districts. Our goal for every project is to make the installation quick – with minimal disruptions. For this reason, many educational organizations choose to go with a single source provider who can manage the entire project from start to finish.

Education Structured Cabling Services & Installation:

Education structured cabling services & installation needs of educational organizations are rapidly changing. A rock-solid network infrastructure and structured cabling system can help you meet current demands, set you apart from competitors, and position you for sustained growth.

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