Tech-enabled Patient Care & IT Operations for Better Outcomes

health-iconTechnology solutions are rapidly evolving to equip providers – physicians’ offices, hospitals, imaging centers, and clinical laboratories – as well as payors, medical ISVs & OEMS, medtech companies and other healthcare stakeholders, to share, protect and leverage data for improved patient care and outcomes. With the regulatory oversight, consumerization, advances sensors, mobile care tools and home-based care, the technological needs have never been greater.

Datatrend provides technology infrastructure solutions with leading enterprises across this ecosystem of healthcare, from enterprise data center infrastructure – including servers, storage and networking –  to purpose-built appliances for applications ranging for digital asset management to data analytics (e.g. SAP HANA), to standards-based, multi-location technology rollouts for edge-of-network connectivity to enable operations and point-of-care technologies to improve patient care, as well as health information technology (HIT) systems, including clinical information systems, clinical decision support systems, and computerized physician order entry (CPOE).

Healthcare IT Case Studies:

Datatrend can provides Healthcare Structured Cabling Services & Installation:

Integration and Connectivity Across Applications and Point Technologies

We help with IT solution design and deployments, new builds, moves adds changes (MACs), and multi-location technology rollouts, helping deploy and updgrade healthcare systems and applications, such as:

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  • Wireless networks
  • HSIA (High Speed Internet Access)
  • Electronic health records
  • Mobile point of care, mHealth, clinical mobility
  • PACS systems
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) systems
  • Clinical equipment monitoring and control
  • Care management workflow applications
  • Telemedicine and home health monitoring
  • Remote patient monitoring, e-visits, and online care
  • EMR (electronic medical records) / EHR (electronic health records) and HIE (health information exchange)
  • PACS upgrades/replacements
  • IP-based video security solutions
  • Digital signage & displays
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Audio and paging systems
  • Videoconferencing systems
  • Unified communications
  • Voice and Data networks

These systems are networked (wired and wireless) and rely on a solid infrastructure for reliable mission-critical operations; they can also help differentiate you from a patient care and quality-of-service standpoint. Outdated cabling and IT infrastructure can limit your ability to expand, or even function efficiently on a daily basis. If you are experiencing sluggish systems, under-performing networks, or outdated cabling infrastructures or wireless signals, Datatrend can help.

For 31 years, Datatrend has provided IT infrastructure services and solutions for organizations of all types in the healthcare industry. Our goal for every project is to make the installation quick – with minimal disruptions. Top health care organizations choose Datatrend as a single source provider who can manage the entire project from start to finish.

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