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News & Entertainment Industry Requires Rich, Rapid Content Management

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Media Broadcast, news, entertainment and corporate media teams alike are charged with assembling the most relevant digital assets as quickly as possible, with high performance collaboration, editing and distribution capabilities. The speed of media asset management (MAM) workflows directly affects productivity and market competitiveness for news, production and broadcast organizations that create and distribute rich content.

Modern media asset management requires fast, efficient systems to enable streamlined workflows and high levels of productivity, so media teams can quickly locate, access, review, preview, transform and distribute digital assets – across digital files and in archives.

Datatrend has worked with leading news broadcast producers and media companies, as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) – who develop media management, video compression and other relevant applications –  to design and implement infrastructure solutions supporting these high bandwidth demands.

Client Success Profile:

Datatrend successfully deployed a video compression solution rollout orchestrated across 18 data centers, enabling the client to meet and exceed growing video demand.

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