Server Virtualization for Agility & Optimized Infrastructure Use
Server Virtualization

Server virtualization enables you to consolidate multiple smaller servers onto fewer, larger servers, as “virtual machines” (VMs) reducing footprints and lowering energy bills; virtualization also provides flexibility for provisioning and optimal utilization of servers, allows previously hardware functions to run as “soft” functions (SDN, SDS, etc.) on servers, plus powerful centralized management capabilities.

Regardless of your virtualization and cloud management ecosystem, we can help with approaches that are hypervisor-agnostic or hypervisor-specific, leveraging the primary hypervisors such as VMware, vSphere or ESXi, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V.

From design to implementation, Datatrend will collaborate with you and your team to deliver a streamlined, virtualized server environment that alleviates your challenges and benefits your bottom line.

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