How to Make the Most of Advances in Digital Signage

Digital signage is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. According to ABI Research, the global digital signage market is on target to reach almost $4.5 billion by 2016. The market in 2010 was $1.3 billion.

There are several reasons for this remarkable increase.

  • Flexibility of Message. Signs can be programmed and changed quickly.
  • “Wow” Factor. People pay attention to digital signs because they can be dazzling.
  • Branding. Digital signs can buttress and augment a company’s brand. Additionally, companies that use digital signs send a clear message they’re at the forefront of technology.
  • Instant Sales. In the retail environment, coupled with the latest retail technology, digital signage can persuade a shopper to make a purchase. Embedded RFID sensors in signs can sense anything from nametags to approaching cell phones and tweak the message to match the person’s demographic.
  • The Potential for Advertising Revenue. In certain environments, advertisements on digital signage can provide significant impact. One of those environments: Times Square in New York City!

Datatrend can provide the network and cabling infrastructure for extensive and expansive digital signage programs. A successful digital signage program requires precise installation and planning, working cohesively with digital signage content providers, and managing a multi-site implementation to ensure the project completes on time and within budget, and Datatrend has the experience to provide the highest level of expertise.

kiosksDatatrend can help to install a digital signage program in the following environments:

  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Transportation
  • Financial

Datatrend can install the foundation for a complete digital signage infrastructure quickly and cost-efficiently and with the elasticity to adapt to new and emerging technologies. The backbone of a complete digital signage infrastructure is a robust structured cabling system and properly configured and installed network devices.

At Datatrend, we have extensive experience creating and installing structured cabling systems while reducing overall infrastructure costs. Our expert project managers have provided network cabling installation services and overseen end-to-end structured cabling solutions for a variety of industries and especially for organizations with multiple locations. We can also integrate the cabling with wireless technology.

Cabling for digital signage solutions comes with a 20 year warranty. We have a long track record performing installations with minimal interruption, and your company will only have to interact with one contractor. Each Datatrend project manager is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and Datatrend maintains close relationships with network cabling associations, including the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI).