Helps reduce costs, grow revenues, and optimize resources

Traffic analyzers are for organizations who need to regularly conduct retail traffic analysis. But think of “retail” in a broader sense… really any enterprise that can derive tangible benefits from measuring and analyzing customer behavior and footfall traffic.

The term “people counters” is also used to describe traffic measurement systems, but a traffic analyzer represents more than just people counter technology, it also includes foot traffic analysis so that retailers and other organizations can better understand potential sales opportunities.

Some of the key advantages of implementing traffic analyzers are:

  • Counts people (foot traffic) within a store or facility
  • Calculates sales conversion rates
  • Gauges the effectiveness of in-store marketing efforts
  • Identifies peak selling hours and seasons
  • Improves labor allocation efficiency/labor scheduling
  • Determines total sales opportunity and decrease revenue leakage
  • Compares store performance locally, regionally, nationally, etc. or to the available market

Companies with more than one location need to be able to deploy a multi-site rollout of traffic analyzers. This requires enterprise-wide structured cabling expertise and project management skills.

The analysis of the data is best performed as a managed service where the people counters and other traffic measurement devices on the network are monitored and managed. The foot traffic data is gathered, analyzed and reported in a meaningful way so that the management team has actionable information to help them optimize their floor layouts, staffing levels, and marketing campaigns.

Datatrend has successfully implemented traffic analyzers in retail, hospitality, government, and other industries, and we perform installations with minimal disruption. Datatrend project managers are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to ensure on-time delivery and high-quality standards. And for peace of mind, all our structured cabling and network infrastructure services come with a 20-year warranty.

People counters and traffic analyzers are a proven way to perform retail traffic analysis on an ongoing basis to help businesses enhance their in-store marketing and sales efforts. Datatrend provides the technology expertise and implementation assurance to help companies employ traffic data to decrease costs, maximize return on investment, and optimize their resources.