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While the concept of IoT is straightforward, the planning, deployment, implementation and management of the enabling resources can be a bit more of a meandering journey through existing physical structures and environmental conditions, construction stages, as well as regulatory compliance requirements.

IoT Deployment Project Scope & Scalability

  • National and International, whether new technology rollouts or “moves, adds, or changes” (MACs), Datatrend can quickly and consistently deploy at 100’s to 1000’s of locations, with consistency, care, and quality assurance.
  • Multi-location distributed environments, deploying technologies in varying environment configurations and sizes: data centers, multi-building campuses, ROBOs, retail stores, industrial/manufacturing environments, and field deployments.

Staying Strategic through Complexity & Coordination

  • Working with many stakeholders: including corporate/franchise, IT, operations, security, construction, etc. …with special care and respect for guests/customers and your environment throughout the project.
  • Accommodating business hours: scheduling work to cause minimal disruption.
  • Orchestrating with various stages of build and environmental change, across new construction, remodeling and moves, adds, changes (MAC)s.
  • Spanning devices and communications protocols, bridging the analog and digital ecosystem of sensors and devices.

The IoT Environment & Regulation Compliance

  • Challenging topology/routes (e.g. prisons, golf courses, pools, beaches)
  • Preservation of historic buildings/ renovations
  • Unique environmental conditions (e.g. refrigerated storage coolers, outdoor)
  • Regulatory: fire codes, materials handling (e.g. asbestos, air quality).

IoT Deployment Services

  • IoT solution consulting
  • Infrastructure consulting, design & architecture
  • Network assessments (RF Surveys, blueprint and process reviews)
  • Standards-based solutions; standards development and documentation
  • QA and Testing & Certification
  • Procurement, inventory, staging & deployment prep
  • Shipping & logistics
  • Configuration, integration & assembly
  • Field deployment with a Worldwide network of Datatrend-certified technicians
  • Service, Support & Maintenance

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