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In order to provide the connectivity and processing for the sprawling ecosystem of devices, the services they provide, and the resulting data, IoT infrastructure is required in several locations and functions:

Infrastructure Design for M2N & M2M Communication

Devices: Devices – or “things” – themselves can be infrastructure components, whether POS systems, presence sensors or mobile devices.

Edge of Network: LAN/WAN, closets, Ethernet + gPON + Gateways, APs and Beacons provide the edge of network communications protocol to serve devices with sensing, internet signal, and power; these networking systems help customers more efficiently collect and pre-process IoT data. Significant advances and new releases are setting the stage for a more robust, yet manageable, IoT ecosystem with computing power, data acquisition and device management to the edge of the network.

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Datatrend IoT Network Technology Partners:

  • Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series
  • HPE Edgeline IoT Systems – Intelligent Gateway
  • Aruba IoT Sensors and APs
  • Cisco Meraki APs

Cloud/Internet: A collection of carriers (including some Datatrend clients) and their extensive fiber and 3G/4G wireless networks deliver the long distance connectivity. Datatrend works with ISPs and High Speed Internet Access providers to deliver connectivity to the IDFE. We pick it up and connect throughout buildings or remote locations, to edge analytics services or central data centers.

Data Center Optimization: Infrastructure Consulting, Integration & Support

Data Center and Core Network: All these connected devices and their data require centralized management tools and processing power for analysis and process automation. Datatrend provides infrastructure consulting, integration and support services for data center optimization, across server, storage, networking, virtualization and cloud orchestration. And, of course the core network switches, routers and Ethernet or optical/ gPON systems that provide the IoT core network functionality to bridge out to cloud and edge of network infrastructure and devices.

We can help with the consulting, infrastructure, deployment and support across this connected ecosystem, as well as the management tools and suites of solutions to address related data analytics and IoT Security needs.

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Datatrend Network Partners
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Aruba Networks
Juniper Networks
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