Network Cabling Needs Analysis & Assessments

Our Network Cabling Needs Analysis & Assessments Leave Nothing to Chance

Every successful network consulting or installation project begins with careful, thorough planning. Cutting even one corner can leave you over budget and out of time. So no matter if your network project requires single-site installation consulting or a major global rollout, Datatrend checks and double-checks every aspect of your plan before we ever lay an inch of cable.

Our network consulting services begin with an in-depth network cabling needs analysis & assessments. They’ll work closely with your onsite staff, building owners, and construction companies to ensure no detail is overlooked. Then they’ll craft the best plan for your specific site, creating blueprints and design documentation using the latest technology.

Cracking the Codes

Building and design codes can be complex and confusing. But with Datatrend, you never need to worry. Our experts know about all the rules and regulations that come into play – and we’ll make sure your project meets every one of them.

We also use the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards out there, so you can be assured of your network installation’s quality.

Completely Tested

Our network cabling needs analysis & assessments leave nothing to chance, including the testing of your network design. The centrally-located Datatrend Technology Solution Center is a high-tech testing laboratory. There, we can set up a complete network system and test it over a long period of time – helping your business avoid unhappy customers, project delays, and lost revenue.

Ready for Action

When the plan is ready, it’s time to get everything in place. Datatrend has sophisticated, affordable procurement and staging capabilities. We can handle your materials procurement, inventory, warehousing, shipping and receiving, onsite management, on time delivery, and returns. As an end-to-end solution, Datatrend is truly equipped to handle your project every step of the way.

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