A Rock-Solid Foundation for Operational Success in Hospitality

Hospitality IndustryIn the hospitality industry, service will always be the differentiator. But guest expectations for services have already moved beyond cleaning services, room décor, and fitness centers. The key to success is creating a comfortable and productive environment for guests, while running an efficient, profitable operation. Advances in technology have allowed guests to explore options, comparison shop, and even negotiate prices for hotels, airline tickets, resorts, and other services.

Differentiation is no longer in the décor, but in the access a hospitality service provider can offer. Forward-thinking service providers have already begun building a technology infrastructure that offers the flexibility and scalability to adapt to the ever-evolving consumer needs.

So, How does your WiFi rate?

Datatrend is well equipped to assist hotel properties, resorts, car rental agencies, and other service providers with an infrastructure that can effectively support the current and the next generation of consumer oriented IT solutions.

Sadly, the technology needs of guests often surpass the capabilities of many of today’s properties. And some hospitality enterprises struggle with sluggish systems or lack of bandwidth, often as a result of an outdated or inadequate network design.

Best-of-breed hotels, resorts, restaurants, and casinos have already built or are building a network infrastructure that offers the flexibility and scalability to adapt to the ever-changing guest, staff, and property management needs. Their infrastructures are based on a converged network and can integrate with today’s solutions, such as Wi-Fi, online reservations, and IP-based surveillance.

In addition, you may be considering technology installations or upgrades to help solve operational challenges or provide for a better customer experience. These include property management systems, workforce management systems, video security systems, mobility support (e.g. property-wide tablet access), and in-room technology. One great example is how today’s hotels are expanding their usage of fiber optic cabling to provide the backbone necessary for High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) to support today’s customer and technology trends.

At the foundation of all this is the network infrastructure, and the backbone of the infrastructure is the structured cabling. For 31 years, Datatrend has helped some of the world’s largest organizations, including many in hospitality. Our work yields a solid foundation for your networked technologies – with quick implementation, minimal disruptions, on-time, and within budget. All because we can manage the projects entirely from start to finish.

Hospitality Network Infrastructure Services & Installation:

  • Lobby renovations
  • Ballrooms/Convention Halls/Event Areas
  • Restaurant remodels
  • Self-service kiosks
  • IP-based video security solutions
  • Audio and paging systems
  • Property management systems
  • Cloud-based systems
  • Voice and Data networks

Support the optimum guest experience that differentiates your hotel or resort, by reviewing your network infrastructure and structured cabling with Datatrend. Done right, your networks will maximize the satisfaction of your guests, enable you to roll out new services that differentiate yourself from the competition, and enhance your operations so you improve your bottom line and are poised for future growth and success.

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