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Convergence & Hyperconvergence

Converged & Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure systems help enterprises deploy systems faster and scale applications faster, for agility, innovation and business workflow support, reducing management costs and TCO.

  • Fast Deployment
  • Fast Application Deployment
  • Management Simplicity
  • Operational Simplicity
  • Simple Elasticity/Scalability
  • Cost Efficiency

A Portfolio of Converged and Hyperconverged solution partners
In addition to our extensive experience with in virtualization and server/storage/network integration, including custom-designed performance-tuned appliances with ISVs & OEMs, Datatrend partners with major server manufacturers and other vendors offering converged and hyperconverged solutions:

  • DellEMC
  • VMware
  • Nutanix
  • Lenovo
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • SimpliVity
  • Atlantis

Converged Infrastructure/ Integrated Infrastructure
Converged infrastructure and integrated infrastructure are often interchangeable terms. According to IDC, Integrated Infrastructure is a “pre-integrated, vendor-certified systems containing server hardware, disk storage systems, networking equipment, and basic element/systems management software.”

Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Hyperconverged solutions are a result of web-scale/scale-out computing (cost-effective, massively scalable server architecture) and storage virtualization, also known as software defined storage (SDS). Hyperconverged solutions often take the form of rack-mount servers with compute, storage, and networking integrated, available as  highly scalable pools of resources for applications.

While hyperconverged vendors are generally claiming the same benefits, the solutions are not “one size fits all”, as significant differences exist between the various options. In particular, many of the solutions only support VMware-based environments, or only support specific hardware platforms/configurations. Such narrow requirements can radically speed deployment and simplify management, but don’t support all use cases or workloads. Scalability also varies widely between the options, with many vendors setting relatively modest limits on their solutions, due to concerns with complementary infrastructure components or simply due to the reality that most hyperconverged solutions are at a relatively early point in the development cycle.

The Datatrend team has a strong focus and extensive experience with a diverse range of hyperconverged options – partnering with industry-leading vendors such as Atlantis, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Redhat, SimpliVity and VMware to deliver turnkey hyperconverged solutions. Please contact us to discuss the applicability of hyperconverged computing to your specific environment and use cases.

For more perspective on converged and hyperconverged technologies, see the blog post, “Hyperconverged Computing: What is it, and why should you care”

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