Datatrend offers optimized solutions in x86 and *NIX operating systems for server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, as well as desktop virtualization (VDI), to help enterprises and OEMs:

  • Gain elastic compute flexibility, agility and control
  • Assure SLA delivery and High Availability (HA) and minimal downtown, with disaster recovery and disaster mitigation
  • Maximize efficiencies with performance tuning
  • Spin-up and dedicated resources for dedicated workloads, DevOps, QA, Regression Testing, etc.
  • Efficient single-pane-of-glass management
  • Maximize infrastructure investments with optimal provisioning and utilization
  • Fight server sprawl, by consolidating infrastructure
  • Reduce footprints, energy and maintenance costs.

See how HealthEast realized a 40% reduction in power consumption, a 14 month ROI, plus other benefits, through Datatrend virtualization solutions.

Datatrend has helped organizations with hypervisor selection and deployment for private data center virtualization, enabling private cloud computing as well as determining the approach for public/private hybrid cloud orchestration.

Learn more about our virtualization and cloud orchestration solutions:

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