Storage Virtualization / Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Storage virtualization allows you to unlock the potential of your existing physical infrastructure. By creating a storage pool using existing physical storage devices and storage residing on your servers, you can free up unused storage space, streamline your data storage capabilities, bolster backup, archive and recover processes, and gain centralized management of a virtual storage area network (vSAN) via single-pane-of-glass tools. Consolidating some of your storage onto fewer, larger systems, can gain ever greater benefits: smaller footprint and lower energy costs (reduced power, cooling) for lower TCO.
storage virtualization

Datatrend has a long history of providing storage virtualization solutions, including technologies such as Ceph, Gluster, vSAN, and IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS). Actifio’s copy data virtualization solution decouples data from infrastructure and confining siloed systems, reducing storage space demand and freeing data for lightweight management across production environments and applications, including test dev.

Through technologies and best practices such as tiered storage, capacity pooling, centralized systems management, advanced copy services, and policy based automation … storage virtualization solutions from Datatrend can help take the cost and complexity out of your data storage infrastructure.

SDS – Software Defined Storage
SDS involves de-coupling control of storage resources from the physical hardware. While hypervisors such as industry-leading VMware support virtualization of compute resources, storage resources are still largely limited by physical hardware and vendor platform limitations. SDS solutions seek to remove this limitation by aggregating physical storage hardware into pools of storage resources. This virtualization of storage hardware, when combined with the rack-mount building blocks from web-scale computing, provides the foundation for hyperconverged solutions.

At its most basic level, software-defined storage (SDS) is enterprise-class storage that uses standard hardware with all the important storage and management functions performed by intelligent software. SDS delivers automated, policy-driven, application-aware storage services through the orchestration of the underlining storage infrastructure in support of an overall storage defined environment. Standard hardware includes:

  • Disk Storage such as SAN, NAS and disk arrays or JBODs (just a bunch of disks)
  • Network devices such as switches and network interfaces
  • Servers for storage processing, management and administration

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