ISV & OEM Programs

ISVs Gain Speed to Market, Higher Solution Value, Scalability & Agility

Remove the Barriers to Delivery
Datatrend partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) to enable custom configured technology infrastructure solutions for turnkey, streamlined sales and implementation of your software.

Infrastructure Matters
A strong infrastructure solution is an essential prerequisite to the achievement of robust software solutions and an ISV’s short and long-term business objectives. Infrastructure can serve as a value-added advantage and competitive differentiation, with consistent, repeatable implementation delivery, while fulfilling core requirements for reliability, affordability and customer specifications.

Datatrend can help move beyond reference architecture to develop an optimized, performance-tuned, purpose-built appliance with a certified bill of materials (BoM) and catered integration services. Instead of treating infrastructure as an afterthought or encountering it as a roadblock to deployment with individual client deals, ISVs can optimize performance and time-to-value with pre-certified configuration, efficient supply chain operations and expert integrated delivery, with the program flexibility to meet ISV preferred sales and delivery models.

Datatrend is an OEM reseller and integration partner with the leading IT infrastructure vendors, including Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM and Lenovo.

Leave the Hard Stuff to Us
Datatrend’s program allows ISVs to stay focused on development and sales of their own solution and maintaining account control without having to invest in technical resources, hardware product expertise, solution integration capabilities, reseller status, procurement logistics and implementation services.

Flexible Delivery Model
Datatrend offers a flexible delivery model with the ability to work with SaaS/IaaS, MSPs, cloud services or fully integrated appliances installed on-premises at your customers’ data centers. Solutions can be sold direct from ISVs or through other partners or solutions. Deployment options: drop ship, ship through ISV, On-site deployment. Datatrend can help a ISVs scale their current integration efforts through augmenting or outsourcing hardware procurement, integration and implementation.

Higher Value Solutions with Sales Support and Financial Flexibility
With Datatrend’s flexible “sell with” model, ISVs do not need to take the title and record the hardware aspect on their financial books. This allows ISVs to maintain healthy margins while offering a value-added package. Our financial flexibility also provides end users with quick access to terms as orders are directly received from the end user on behalf of the ISV. Datatrend understands and caters to the ISV sales process, completing deals in a flexible and fast way while executing well. Datatrend understands and caters to the ISV sales process, completing deals in a flexible and fast way while executing well. Datatrend protects ISV margins while delivering value-added appliance or SaaS/IaaS offerings.

Custom Branded Solution Options
Custom-configured technology infrastructure solutions can be added to an ISV’s branded package, enhancing the brand by offering a total solution.

Single SKU Bill of Materials (BoM)
The BoM in the Datatrend environment translates from a single SKU to a suite of products/components, along with work instructions to complete a specific build.

Custom Ordering & Tracking Portal.
Datatrend’s online ordering & tracking tool offers a custom login for each ISV where multiple BOMs, accessories and even application software packages can be selected and submitted as a PO. This creates a single pane of glass for ISV or end user order placement, processing, shipping and tracking.

“White Glove” Customer Service Throughout
Datatrend brings a “white-glove” service and client advocacy philosophy, and a high degree of execution and implementation expertise to assure on-time, on-budget, and fully functional delivery (a rarity in this complex space). ISVs need a partner with the ability to proactively plan and architect solutions to pre-empt speed bumps and issues in deployment, AND the ability to be there at the 11th hour delivering with high-touch care to customers on behalf of the ISV’s brand. The Datatrend team – spanning engineering, pre-sales, sales, logistics and service/CSRs – is responsive, agile and adaptive, going to great lengths to assure solution delivery and client satisfaction. You can expect and experience superior customer service with constant, clear communication from throughout the process, from discovery to planning, proposal/quotes, order placement, shipping, order status reporting and ongoing services.

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