Managing and orchestrating the materials and equipment phase of a network cabling or technology rollout project can be a complex undertaking. Datatrend is fully equipped to carry out out network infrastructure procurement & staging of network devices, cabling, and related components to your complete satisfaction.

Datatrend is your single source solution, with the experience to determine precisely what equipment and materials will be needed, and the skill to ensure that every component is prepared to handle whatever the implementation requires.

We not only manage the procurement and on-time delivery of all necessary products for even the most ambitious projects, but we also offer staging and configuration services so that all components are prepared and customized to meet your needs.

Learn more about our network infrastructure procurement & staging services:

  • Materials Management Includes initial acquisition as well as spare parts management, equipment configuration and assembly, quality testing and professional packaging for safe delivery
  • Inventory Management We can store and maintain an inventory of equipment for each customer and per location as needed. This includes all types of products – network cabling, patch panels, switches, connectors, etc.
  • Centralized Warehousing Datatrend manages a variety of vendor equipment from cabling to complex PBXs to digital displays to POS devices and more
  • On-Site Management We will install and test all components to ensure proper operation, plus we can process old or unused equipment as directed by the client
  • Warranty Returns Datatrend provides a “hot swap” parts program including overnight shipment of replacement equipment including installation

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