IF you are a Fortune 1000 company, you have likely felt the pressure when your IT needs exceed your IT resources. When companies that find themselves in this position they can trust IT technical staff augmentation services from Datatrend to expertly relieve that pressure.

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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is supplementing your internal resources with external resources that are available for a short or limited time duration. It provides flexibility for organizations who cannot hire FTEs for temporary needs and who simply need some additional resources to extend or supplement an existing team or complete a specific assigned project.

What can IT Staff Augmentation do for my company?

IT staff augmentation enables you to complete your projects on time and within budget without the hassle and overhead of the hiring/firing vicious cycle. It provides you a cost-effective solution by offloading the research and assignment and management of resources to a trusted and proven team who knows how to provide technical staff augmentation services.

What IT Staff Augmentation services does Datatrend offer?

Datatrend can supplement your company’s IT resources with services ranging from long-term CIO level consulting, to hands-on engineering, to one-time structured cabling projects, and everything in between. Because all programs Datatrend develops are customized towards a variety of client needs, it is common to offer several types of IT services within each custom program

What type of IT products does Datatrend specialize in?

By building robust Centers of Excellence around several technologies, Datatrend is able to offer industry leading IT services leveraging products and technologies from BMC, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, and more. Visit our IT staff augmentation overview for a more complete list of product specialties.

What types of companies does Datatrend provide IT staff augmentation services for?

Simply put, Datatrend’s portfolio of IT staff augmentation clients is perhaps the most robust in the industry – and helps to ensure our teams are heavily prepared for any IT needs your company may have – regardless of your industry. Our clients range from mid-sized to Fortune 1000s, and represent industries including retail, health care, financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, telecommunication and transportation.

Where does Datatrend provide IT staff augmentation services?

Datatrend’s portfolio of IT staff augmentation resources stretches across the continental United States, and even internationally.

How quickly can a project get started?

Our staff augmentation teams can work around nearly any deadline – no matter how aggressive. Thanks to an agile geographic structure, and robust skill-set, we can be on-site at your location within days of quote approval. An ideal turnaround time for clients who need it done yesterday!

What type of professionals will be on my team?

After assessing your needs, and customizing a project offering based on your objectives, a project manager will assign you a team of IT professionals with significant experience in both your industry and in providing the services your company needs.

What type of guarantees does Datatrend offer?

Unlike competing service providers, Datatrend offers a two week guarantee with every IT staff augmentation program. This means that if you aren’t happy after two weeks, our relationship will end and you will not be charged for any work provided. Our team will work extra hard to make you happy!

What pricing plans does Datatrend offer for IT and technical staff augmentation services?

Because every program is customized, all pricing options will be built around your specific needs. To learn more about our pricing options, contact Datatrend directly for a quote by completing the form to the upper right of this page.

Complete IT Projects Without Hiring Additional Staff